March 22, 2017

Our grade 4-8 students participated in the science fair this year. The students worked hard on their projects and when the time came to show their hard work the students exceled. Everyone did a great job. We had some judges come into the school and judge the projects and quite a few students were chosen to go to the Brandon Science fair at the Keystone Center. Here are a few pictures of the students who moved on to the Keystone center with their projects.

 Logan & Kayden - Nails for Breakfast (won Gold)

 Troy - Balloon Factory                  Aaron - Sugary Madness (won Silver)

 Ashton - Electromagnetic Crane

Tobias - Fruit Explosions

 Ruben - Balloons Hate January Too (won Silver)       Sara - Melting Comets

 Marta - Eye Color and Sight                      Mira - Which Moisturizing Ingredients Work Best

 Mesgana - Stress, Multitasking and Short-Term Memory (won Gold and the Don Somner Memorial Award)

 Madison - Eye Color Genetics (won Gold)       Liz - Colorful Flames (won Brandon Emergency Services Award)

 Damilola & Binyam - Stressed Students                Caeden - Tines of Power



Here are is a list of the students that did not make it onto a picture (parents if you have pictures of your child at the science fair please send them my way and I will be sure to put them in.)


Lily - Nail Polish Lab

Sarah & Julia - Light or Death

Maria & Ryland - Crystals in Action

Hayley - Puppy sense (won Bronze)

Krissh - Slime

Abreham - Magnets: Will They Stick or Not (won Silver)

Samuel - Mold Killers

Oluwaseun & Sannelle - Plant Maze (won Gold)

Maya - Genetics Linger, Look at Your Finger (won Bronze and the Donald Legal Services Award)

Cassidy - Colored Light Growth

Joline & Faith - Hey, Chicken! What's Your Favorite Music? (won Bronze)



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