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Roots of Empathy

Connor is our "tiny teacher" during the Roots of Empathy Program. The grade 4 and 5 classes have enjoyed observing Connor's development over the past few months. He has grown so much, already doubling his birth weight and length! We met Connor with his mom and dad, Bonnie and Steve, in October. We found him to be calm, alert, and full of smiles. The students thought his little yawns were so cute. Many were surprised to realize how little he could do on his own, and the importance of perspective -taking. "How do you think Connor is feeling?" "How do you know?" As one student put it, "He told us it was time to be done by spitting up!" We have watched as Connor uses his 5 senses to learn about the world around him. We have enjoyed singing him songs and nursery rhymes, and look forward to observing his future development.

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