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Celebrating Diversity!!

CHS is very diverse in the cultures represented here. It was decided that those cultures needed a decent celebration. So each month, Sheryl Friesen has put up a bulletin board with information about the country/culture that we will celebrate that month. Little cards with information about the country are spread throughout the school and the students have a short quiz they can fill out. Once the quiz is complete then the students place it into a box. At the end of the month a name is drawn from the box to win a prize that reflects the country/culture being celebrated.

Our first month was Ethiopia. One interesting fact about Ethiopia is that they have the largest species of butterflies in the world. We were blessed to have authentic Ethiopian food brought to us from the Yohannes family and Tana restaurant. I would highly recommend a trip to this restaurant, the food was great.

Our second month was Nigeria. One interesting fact is that the Kora is the most important instrument in Nigerian music. Once again food was brought to us by three lovely ladies, Jacqueline Akintola, Bebe Denni-Fiberesima and Motolani Lawson Omidiora. The food was fantastic.

Nigerian cooks

A huge thank you to all the people who have had a hand in planning or contributing to these Cultural celebrations. The students are learning so much.

The Month of March was a celebration of England/Hungary. We were served Scones with clotted cream and jam as our delicacy this month. Thank you to Cath Leslie for treating us to a typical tea time treat.

The Month of May we celebrated Eritrea. A huge thank you goes to Wezenet Mihreteah for making the delicious food. Thank you to Betial for making sure that each student had an opportunity to try food from her country.


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